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"Lexi" comes from a Police/Military working dog kennel in Holland. Odette Beeke is the owner of Cuja's Kennel ( and has been training, breeding and competing with working dogs for over 30 years.  Odette has the distinction of being one of the first female dog handlers in Holland as well as the only female Police Dog Trial Judge. Odette provides working dogs to agencies throughout Europe and North America.

"Lexi" comes from Cuja's Kennel male, "Gadget" and female "Senna". "Gadget" was an on-duty police K9 that served with distinction for his ability to run a cold track and find his quarry. He is a big black male that is strong minded and has extremely high drive. 

"Senna" "is a beautiful dark colored female who is a solid, well put up dog. She is trained in protection and tracking and is a very "serious" dog with extremely high drive as well. 

"Lexi" is like her parents and has a very high prey and ball drive. Lexi's tracking ability is amazing and her nose rivals some of my hunting hounds, she is extremely cold nosed. Even as a puppy she could follow a track very well and find her quarry with ease. Her bite work is just being developed, she is a tenacious in her drive, bite and hold. Lexi's job is tracking wildlife and bear aversion work. "Lexi" is a social dog that can relax and lay on the porch after the training/work day.

Our dogs are raised in the country, exposed to livestock and wildlife. They are trained in changing environments with many distractions. We can offer training to agencies, handlers and K9s of all levels for all applications.
Please contact Chad to further discuss your needs. 
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