At Miller Ranch K9 we know the importance of giving every puppy a proper Foundation to start it's career.  Our Foundation dog program ensures the pups begin that path correctly.  MRK9 offers a variety of training options. Pet training and Working dog training.  For our Pet programs we offer a 3-4 week board and train basic obedience program.  Once your pet has completed that program you can progress to the 3 week advanced obedience program.  We also offer troubled dogs another chance to be apart of their family and help them transition through their issues.  

Our Working Dog program is where we build the Foundation Dogs that will go on to be Police, Military, SAR, and Personal Protection dogs.  The puppies enter this training as early as  6-8 weeks old. The Foundation program is broke down into 4 phases.  Each Phase contains 4 elements.  Tracking, Scent Detection, Obedience and Drive Building (Bite Work).  During each phase we add functions to each element as they progress through the phases.  Phase 1 is 4 weeks, Phase 2 is 3 weeks, Phase 3 is 3 weeks Phase 4 is 4 weeks and it always ongoing through a working dogs life.  

MRK9 customers  who purchase a puppy or are returning customer get VIP pricing on their training costs.  


Board and train pricing is based on a weekly rate for all of our programs.  Weekly prices are based on the training needs of the dog and the level and type of training required. Most programs will require 3-4 weeks per training phase. 


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