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MRK9 lead trainer Chad Miller is a Certified Working Dog and Pet Trainer through the reputable professional working dog training school Top Tier K9 (Madison, Florida, USA) 


MRK9 is now an a affiliate of Top Tier K9 and works closely with Top Tier K9 and Run Your Pack (Missoula, Montana, USA).   


Chad an avid outdoors man grew up in North Central Saskatchewan hunting and fishing throughout childhood, became interested in hunting with hounds and spent many years tracking mountain lions and bears with dogs throughout Western Canada and the Northern United States. 


After leaving the Canadian Armed Forces, became a big game guide in Alberta and specialized in dangerous game trailing with hounds dogs that he raised and trained.  His success in the industry lead to involvement in  predator studies being done with an Alberta University and the provincial government. Chad later became involved in a Bear Aversion project in Northern Alberta and this lead to pursuing a further interest and involvement in importing, raising and training Belgian Malinois'  and Dutch Shepherds and following the desire to begin learning, training and completing certification in Police/Military working dog training.

MRK9 has raised and trained many dogs that are successfully filling roles in Police, Military, Search and Rescue, Service and Special Needs, Family Protection, PSA and sport dog disciplines. 


Miller Ranch K9 Values 

Produce healthy, stable dogs to fulfill meaningful roles in society. 

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