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I received my Belgian Malinois from Miller Ranch K-9 in June of 2019 (MRK9 Havoc & MRK9 Ayden pup), I am beyond happy with him. I have had other trainers recommend many other Mal/Dutchie breeders (Belgian Malinois/Dutch Shepherd is a personal preference), but with the research, I am so glad that I came across Chad and his breeding program. Clear communication all the way through and ensuring I had the right dog for my purpose and work. 

Vykor is a very muscular, athletic and driven dog. I have found him to be very adaptive, connective, quick bonding (Very quick), quick learning, dedicated, responsive, energetic, busy, active mind, food driven, great toy drive, intense grip (bite work), and high prey drive. He was easy to crate train and he has been surprising me on a regular basis, doing things that I didn't expect from him, all in positive ways. I do have to add that he's very intuitive when it comes to particular situations as well.

MRK9 has been fantastic to work with in terms of choosing the right dog for me & my business, ultimately giving me the best fit of the litter for my training, personality, personal training goals, protection, companion and adaptable dog. The puppies are exposed to a lot of environmental stimuli before arriving which is critical in my opinion. They are exposed to horses, children, heavy machinery, equipment and more. This is a great indication that Chad is very experienced with dogs overall and especially the breed. He helped me with all the details of the entire process and I'm very pleased and happy with from start to finish with Chad of Miller Ranch K9. I feel that I have a wonderful dog that will suit my needs perfectly.

I look forward to future litters from Miller Ranch K9 and I highly recommend Chad and his excellent efforts to bring exceptional dogs into the world of working and training. Thank you for Vykor!




We got our pup from Miller K9 in June 2020 and boy, we got God’s most perfect creature.  Her name is Halo and she has been the best family dog we could have ever hoped for.  Zeyna and Knap, her parents, clearly have incredible genetics and blood lines that have created a beautiful, well tempered, confident, loving, intelligent and highly trainable member of our family.  Not afraid to try new things, we jumped into obedience training with agility to come in the future.  Great with people, dogs and cats, she takes on new challenges every day with ease. We daily have multiple strangers stop and ask us about Halo’s breed and breeder.  Miller K9 has clearly bred impeccable dogs and we’ve adopted a loved family member.  We will be life long seekers of these pups in years to come. 


We feel so fortunate to be chosen to acquire MRK9 breeding female 'Ayden' in her retirement. Ayden is a beautiful, protective, and extremely loveable Belgian Malinois. She came to us well-trained and well-mannered. We feel safer in our home with Ayden as she was trained for protection work and always lets us know if something is up. Ayden is also the most gentle and loving companion for our two year old granddaughter. 

Pic coming soon

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We first met Chad as we acquired our new puppy from Miller Ranch K9. We did not realize at that time that he would be an integral part of helping form a bond between our two dogs.

He helped immensely when our two-year Shepherd/Husky dog Harley, who had become increasingly people and dog reactive. It was manageable until we brought Diesel home. She tolerated him at first but was very aggressive towards him on day two over a toy.

We reached out to Chad and decided it was best to send her for the training that she needed. It took quite some time for her to be receptive towards him. With time and patience, he was able to get her on a leash and start her much needed training.

We really appreciated his balanced approach and had some great advice and take-home information for us to maintain ongoing training. We noticed a positive behaviour change as soon as we brought her home to our puppy. While she did still snarl at him, she did not engage as aggressively as before and we were able to correct her behaviour with the techniques that we had learned from Chad.

We were so happy with Harleys training that we decided to not wait and send our 4-month-old Diesel for the same obedience training.

We can’t thank Chad and Miller Ranch K9 enough for the tremendous work and effort he provided to our two dogs. After a week of Diesel being home – we were finally able to let them both off their leashes and they haven’t stopped playing since. One is never far from the other! We definitely plan on more training with Chad as a result!

He is very knowledgeable and passionate about producing high quality puppies and training dogs. We highly recommend Miller Ranch K9.




We found Miller Ranch K-9 after a lengthy search for the right protection dog. Chad was more than helpful and honest when talking to us and allowing us to meet our pup before hand. The process was professional, smooth and exciting. Training has been extremely helpful and convenient as I know I can always call with questions or advice. The support we have received afterwards and going forward with our training at home is essential to this type of investment. With Chad’s lessons and help, we have a really nice, well rounded and protective dog that fits into our family like a child of our own. I can’t imagine not having her, and we are excited for our future together. I feel so much more confident at home with her by my side, as Chad’s dogs are the real deal and completely follow through with their jobs. She means business, but has a nice off switch and is very enjoyable to have around. You will get the full package with these dogs.




We picked up our puppy 7 months ago from Miller Ranch K9 and couldn’t be happier.  

Chad was awesome to deal with and setting up everything up.

She is a great dog with an excellent temperament for what we needed as a family pet, easy to train and she caught on quickly to basic commands.  

Rhea is great with kids and other dogs, even our Chihuahua who suffers from little dog syndrome…LOL  

I highly recommend Miller Ranch K9 to anyone looking for high quality dogs.

Thanks Chad



I purchased a Miller Ranch pup from my trainer. I have been around multiple dogs from Miller Ranch K9 which is what led me to my decision. These dogs are solid! Great temperament, confirmation, and nerves. I do PSA and was looking for a dog that had the ability to self cap drive at maturity and these dogs do not disappoint. Any time I have needed help or had questions Miller Ranch has always been there to answer them and point me in the right direction. I will continue to purchase dogs from Miller Ranch K9 when I am in the market. Great dogs, great breeder, and great overall experience!

We found Chad to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable with all 3 of our dogs from MRK9 and would recommend MRK9 for anyone looking for Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherds.




We received our Belgian Malinois from Chad at Miller Ranch K9 in November of 2020, she is a MRK9 Havoc and MRK9 Ziva pup. We did our research and reached out to Chad to ask about the availability of a dog for our family.  He was more then willing to sit down and spend as much time as we needed to make sure we got a dog with the right personality to match our needs. Chad’s ability to meet different dog requirements is a testimony to the success of his breeding program. 


Having someone who is intimately familiar with the breed and also able to provide a variety of training options is incredible. Chad is reachable at any time to ask for advice, help or confirmation that you are working in the right direction. After such a short time with her as part of our family, we don’t know why we waited so long to add her.

We don’t hesitate to let people know what breed Nova is or where we got her when ever people stop and ask about her. We would recommend Miller Ranch K9 to anyone looking for a great breeder of Belgian’s.


Our family spent several months researching, speaking and visiting different Belgian Malinois/Dutch Shepherd breeders in Western Canada.   We were looking for a pup that would fit in with our active family and have working dog qualities.   After all the work we chose Miller Ranch K9.   We were impressed by Chad's responsiveness, professionalism and the care he took in pairing us with the right pup. Our dog, "Rogue" is nearing 8 months now. He is extremely confident, intelligent, and has been an awesome addition to the family.  He is showing great promise in his ability to track, is extremely focused on his family and is a great back country hiking buddy.   We've been so impressed by "Rogue" that we're considering another.  We will definitely be working with Chad when that time comes.


After extensive research in looking for a Belgian Malinois we were pointed towards Chad at MillerRanch K9. Chad took the time to understand our needs and wants in a family protection dog over the phone, and then we arranged to meet Chad on his ranch to introduce us to a potential dog he had handpicked to suit us. When we met Ember we knew he had understood what we were looking for and had matched us accordingly. 


Ember had been through the Foundation Dog Program, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the level of obedience and devotion that Chad had instilled in her, and how easily that transferred over to her new master and family once we took her home.


Chad and Miller Ranch K9 not only breeds amazing dogs, but he instills in them a tremendous foundation that anyone can take over from. You can expect a well behaved, obedient, and devoted family member that also has all the attributes of a working dog, including the confidence that you know you can entrust your families safety and security to them as well. 



Miller K9 Ranch is a fantastic breeder and training organization. The owner, Chad, is extremely knowledgeable with dogs but more specifically with Belgian Malinois and Dutch Sheppards. He is aware of their high drive abilities and the type of training and home they require. We purchased a Belgian Malinois/Dutch Sheppard from MK9R who is almost a year old named Mando. We put Mando through his foundation program which was an amazing investment. We are so happy with our dog and the services that MK9R provide, especially coming from first time dog owners. Chad is also fantastic at contacting him if we have any questions or concerns with Mando. He is very friendly and easily approachable. We highly recommend Miller K9 Ranch to anyone that is looking to own a very unique breed of dog or wanting to put their pet through a foundation program. 



We have a male pup from Chad and absolutely love him! He was supper easy to train great off switch and wonderful with our kids! He is in protection training doing amazing! Highly Recommend a pup from Miller K-9 Ranch!

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