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4 month old male

Sifu is currently in the Foundation Dog® program. 

Sifu is a solid pup that will be a big boy. He is a medium drive pup that will be protective. Sifu's parents are strong dogs that are social and confident. He is social and loves his people. 






10 month old female

Sig is currently in the Obedience Dog program. 

Sig is strong, tall and athletic. She will look after her domain and people. Sig is very alert and observant. Sig would be a great fit for a family experienced with higher drive breeds. 






4 month old male

Jet is currently in the Foundation Dog® program.

Jet comes from old, proven working bloodlines that consistently produce solid, stable and confident pups. 

Jet will be a medium + drive pup. Jet is showing to be protective of his domain and people. Jet could excel in dog sports, tracking, detection or with an active family. 



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Puppy Selection

MRK9 puppies are evaluated from a young age and temperament assessments are completed at 49-54 days old. These assessments are used to ensure suitability of the pup for their potential new home. Suitability is determined by individual temperament and breeding. 


MRK9 has been very successful at placing puppies and it shows! (see our Review Page) 


When contacting MRK9 about a puppy, please be specific about environment, family, and what you are looking for in your new K9 family member. Once assessments are complete MRK9 will contact you with availability of a suitable pup for your needs.


Puppies are sold with a non-breeding contract and prices start at $2750.00 

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