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Belgian Malinois

Miller Ranch K9 Ltd (MRK9) stands as a leading producer of distinguished puppies and trained dogs, renowned for their excellence across a spectrum of applications, including police/military, service and special needs, detection, tracking, family protection, and beyond. 

Our esteemed lineup of dogs includes the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd, carefully selected from the finest working lines globally.

At Miller Ranch K9 Ltd, we offer puppies and trained dogs at different stages of development for sale. Additionally, we provide professional dog training and a range of educational opportunities, including online courses, coaching, seminars, and board and train programs at both foundational and advanced levels.

Training Packages

Miller Ranch K9 Ltd offers flexible training options including board and train, online courses, and virtual and

in-person coaching. 

Professional Dog Training



Piper was a MRK9 favorite and when Laura and Robert called we knew she would be just the right fit for their needs. They have been dedicated to making Piper the best she can be by putting in countless hours of training, love, and consistency. We are so grateful to share in their journey! 

"Our interest in getting a puppy was for an anxiety support dog but also to 

become part of our family. We were looking at the Belgian Malinois breed for 

their training abilities and energy to keep up and are so thankful that we came 

across the Miller Ranch K9 website. The Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinois cross 

gives a nice balanced dog and Chad was great in picking a puppy for our needs.  

As we continue to be consistent in all the hard work and training Chad started 

for us (coming to a better appreciation how much work Chad put into Piper’s 

training); she is becoming the dog we were hoping for. Chad is super helpful 

whenever an issue that we are not sure how to deal with pops up. We would 

highly recommend Miller Ranch K9 for purchasing or training needs. We also 

really enjoyed their tracking seminar: it was great fun and informative and we 

are looking forward to working more with Miller Ranch K9 in the future."

Belgian Malinois
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